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Established in 2003

Welcome and thanks for choosing Extreme Tan "Westerly's Hottest Tanning Salon".  We invite you to come down and experience our clean, upbeat, fully air conditioned salon, and our friendly service.  We have a wide variety of Tanning Bedsand Booths for all your Indoor Tanning needs.  We are also the only salon in the area that offers the Dermatologist recommended UV-Free Mystic Tan Sunless Spray Booth.  We have packages to fit into any budget, and sell the best products available in the industry.

Sundays half off

$4, $5, $6 tanning from 10-3! Stop in for this deal!



Mystic Tan HD Demonstration

Pricing for Mystic Tan

1 Session- $35

3 Sessions- $90

7 Sessions- $175

10 Sessions- $210

Our Equipment

Level 1- The Elixir


This bed offers a maximum tan time of 15 minutes, and gives a beautiful bronze tan at a medium pace.  It has 3 High Pressure Facial Lamps @ 500 Watts each that concentrate on the facial area, while 34 Reflective Bronzing Lamps @ 100 Watts each tan your body.  The Elixir has Built In Air Conditioning, and even though it is our base bed, it is really a step above in results....

Level 2- 12 Minute Extreme Bed w/Facials


This wide-bodied bed has contoured acrylic that the tanner lays on, which makes you forget that you are even in a tanning bed. This bed offers a maximum tan time of 12 minutes. It has 4 Hi-Pressure Facial Tanning Lamps @12 Min Extreme Bed w/ Facials 500 Watts each, and also 2 Hi-Pressure Shoulder Tanning Lamps @ 250 Watts each (which the tanner controls from inside the bed). Then for the body, it has 44 VHR Lamps @ 160 Watts each, both in the canopy and in the bench. One of the best parts about this bed is that it has an air conditioning system that blows constant cool air from both the head and the foot of the bed onto the tanner during his/her session.

Level 2- 11 Minute VHR Booths


These 2 Booths are Stand-Up Units.  They are good for any level tanner that wants the best "all around tan", or doesn't like to lay down.  These booths offer a maximum tan time of 11 minutes, and will accommodate any tanner from 4 ft. to 6 ft. 4 in. tall.  They each have 46 VHR Lamps @ 160 Watts each that completely surround the tanner, and offer a quick and efficient way to get a long lasting tan. 

Level 3- The Sungate


This machine is the strongest bed inside a 15-mile radius of Westerly.  It is an absolute monster of a tanning bed with lots of extras. It is great for experienced tanners who demand the absolute best in tanning, but can be used by tanners of any level.  It offers a Maximum tan time of 10 minutes.  It has 4 High Pressure Facial Lamps @ 1000 Watts each, while 50 Lamps @ 200 Watts each tan your body.  It is a contoured, wide bodied acrylic, and has Air Conditioning built right into the bed that blows on your face and body keeping you cool throughout the tanning session.  Once you tan in this bed you will agree that it is the best way to get yourself an Extreme Tan!! 

Level 3- 9-minute VHR Extreme Booth


This Stand-Up Booth is our strongest, and offers the fastest tan in the salon.  It is great for tanners of all levels who want the absolute best in tanning.  This booth offers a maximum tan time of 9 minutes, and can accommodate any tanner from 4 ft. up to 6 ft. 10 in. tall!  It has 50 VHR lamps that are 2 meters tall @ 180 Watts each that completely surround the tanner.  It is a true head-to-toe, "all-around tan", that quickly develops a deep, dark, long-lasting tan.  If your looking for the absolute fastest and most efficient way to tan, this booth is for you!

The New Mystic Tan HD


Now includes Aromatherapy to Enhance Your Experience

The Mystic Tan Booth is a UV-Free Spray Tanning Booth that is designed to deliver a customized sunless tanning application to each customer based on their body size, skin type and desired color. There are three tanning level options available to produce the optimal tanning results for each individual customer. Once the proper tanning level for the customer has been determined, they are shown a short instructional video which is designed to walk them through the entire process step by step. This insures that each customer receives the exact same instructions on how to get the best results.

Contact Us


(401)348-XTAN (9826)


Extreme Tan- Westerly

130 Granite Street, Westerly, Rhode Island 02891, United States

We are located in the Granite Hill Plaza (right behind Vetrano's).


Monday-Friday 9:30am-7:30pm

Saturday- 9:30am-5:30pm

Sunday- 10am-3pm


Rhode Island State Law

Rhode Island State Law indicates that you must be 18 or older to tan.  If your are not, you need a parent to come in with you and sign a release form.  We reserve the right to refuse service, and make the final decision as to how long you may tan.