About Us

Welcome and thanks for choosing Extreme Tan of Waterford, formerly known as Maui Sun. We invite you to come down and experience our clean, upbeat, fully air conditioned salon, and our friendly service we are so well known for. We have completely remodeled and re-lamped, we also have added some new equipment. We offer a wide variety of Tanning Beds and Booths for all your Indoor Tanning needs! We also have brought in the Dermatologist recommended UV-Free Mystic Tan Sunless Spray Booth. We have packages to fit into any budget, and sell the best products available in the industry. Stop in and see how much better Indoor Tanning just got in Waterford!

Sundays half off

$4, $5, $6 tanning from 9-3!



Mystic Tan HD demonstration


1 Session- $35

3 Sessions- $75

7 Sessions- $140

10 Sessions- $170

Our Equipment

Level 1- KBL 3500 Bed


Our KBL 3500 Bed.  15 Min Max Tan Time.  100 Watt Body Lamps with (3) - 400 Watt Facial Lamps.  This level 1 bed is designed for beginners, and tanners of all skin types that may want a longer tanning session.  

Level 2- KBL 5600 Bed


Our KBL 5600 Bed.  12 Min Max Tan Time.  160 Watt Body Lamps with (4) - 650 Watt Facial Lamps surround you in this very popular Level 2 tanning bed.  Its the perfect mid level tanning bed with the power to take your tan to the next level.  Built in Air conditioning and a cool water mist will give you a spa like experience!

Level 2- Montego Bay Booth


Our Montego Bay Stand Up Booth.  9 Min Max Tan Time.  200 Lamps surround you in this space capsule!  This spacious mid level Booth will accommodate even the tallest and biggest customers.  Our level 2 booth will leave you with no complaints, and no tan lines!

Level 3- KBL Alpha 6800


Our KBL Alpha 6800 Beds. 10 Min Max Tan Time. 200 Watt CPI Body Lamps with (4) - 800 Watt Facial Lamps surround you in this tanning giant. These Level 3 Beds have both the comfort AND the power necessary to achieve the darkest tan possible. Built in Air conditioning and a cool water mist will give you a spa like experience!

Level 3- SunCapsule Max 250 Booth


Our SunCapsule Max 250 Booth.  7 Min Max Tan Time.  250 Watt Lamps surround you in this Level 3 Vertical Tanning MONSTER!  This is truly the fastest, and most efficient tan on the market today.  Step inside and experience raw tanning power.

Contact Us

Extreme Tan- Waterford

131 Boston Post Road, Waterford, Connecticut 06385, United States

We are located on Route 1 in Waterford at the intersection of Clark Lane (Next to the Shack II Restaurant). The Entrance to the parking lot is off of Clark Lane.


Monday-Friday 9am-7:30pm

Saturday- 9am-5pm


Connecticut law

Connecticut State Law

Under Connecticut law, the operator of a tanning facility is subject to a fine of up to $100 for permitting anyone under age 16 to use a tanning device without a parent or guardian's written consent if he knows or should have known the person's age. An operator is the person the facility designates to control its operation and help consumers use the device properly. The fine is payable to the local health department or health district where the device is located. The law permits departments and districts to enforce these provisions within their available resources.

This law applies to tanning devices in tanning facilities, which are defined as any place where a device is used for a fee, membership dues, or other compensation. A tanning device is any equipment that emits radiation used for tanning of the skin, such as a sunlamp, tanning booth, or tanning bed that emits ultraviolet radiation, and includes any accompanying equipment, such as timers or handrails. (PA 06-195, § 22; CGS § 19a-232).