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Welcome and thanks for choosing Extreme Tan Groton, formerly known as Sun Palace Tanning Studio.  We invite you to come down and experience our clean, upbeat, fully air conditioned salon, and our friendly service.  We have completely remodeled, re-lamped, and have new beds and booths!!  We offer a wide variety of Tanning Beds and Booths for all your Indoor Tanning needs! We also have the Dermatologist recommended UV-Free Mystic Tan Sunless Spray Booth.  We have packages to fit into any budget, and sell the best products available in the industry.  Stop in and see just how awesome Indoor Tanning just got in Groton!!

Military Monday

$4, $5, or $6 tanning for members of the military with a valid Military ID!



Come in anytime on Sunday from 9am-3pm and pay half price for tanning!


Mystic Tan demonstration

Mystic Tan Prices

1 Session- $30

3 Sessions- $75

7 Sessions- $155

10 Sessions- $190

Our Equipment

Level 1- KBL 15 Minute Bed


Our KBL 3500 Beds. 15 Min Max Tan Time. 100 Watt Lamps, with 3 - 400 Watt Facials. These level 1 Beds are Designed for beginners, or those that want a longer exposure time.

Level 2- Ovation


Our Ergoline Ambitions! 12 Min Max Tan Time. 120 Watt Lamps , with 3 - 400 Watt Facials. These are also Level 2 Beds.

Level 2- Ergoline


Our New Ovation 5400! 12 Min Max Tan Time. 160 Watt Body Lamps with 3 - 500 Watt Facials. This is an Absolute monster for a Level 2 Bed!

Level 2- Sundazzler Booth


Our Sundazzler Stand Up Booth. 9 Min Max Tan Time. 200-220 Lamps surround you in this space capsule! Comfort, and style with Built in MP3. This level 2 Booth is no joke!

Level 2- 2M Booth


Our 2M Stand Up Booth. 9 Min Max Tan Time. 200-220 Watt Lamps surround you in this "Extra Large" Booth, that will accommodate even the tallest and biggest customers. This Spacious Level 2 Booth will leave no tan lines, and no complaints!

Level 3- Sungate


Our New Sungate! 10 Min Max Tan Time.. 200 Watt Body Lamps with 4 - 1000 Watt Facials. This is by far the strongest low pressure tanning bed on the market! It is our top level 3 bed, and sure to leave you with an Extreme Tan.

Level 3- Suncapsul Booth


Our SunCapsule Max 250 Booth! 7 Min Max Tan Time. 

250 Watt Lamps Surround you in this Tanning MONSTER!

This is our level 3 Stand up Booth.

Mystic Tan HD


Now includes Aromatherapy to Enhance Your Experience

The Mystic Tan Booth is a UV-Free Spray Tanning Booth that is designed to deliver a customized sunless tanning application to each customer based on their body size, skin type and desired color. There are three tanning level options available to produce the optimal tanning results for each individual customer. Once the proper tanning level for the customer has been determined, they are shown a short instructional video which is designed to walk them through the entire process step by step. This insures that each customer receives the exact same instructions on how to get the best results.

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Phone And Email

(860) 448-3627


Extreme Tan- Groton

791 Long Hill Road, Groton, Connecticut 06340, United States

We are located on Route 1, right next to Dunkin' Donuts.


Monday- Friday- 9am-8pm

Saturday- 9am-6pm

Sunday- 9am-3pm

Connecticut law

Connecticut State Law

Under Connecticut law, the operator of a tanning facility is subject to a fine of up to $100 for permitting anyone under age 16 to use a tanning device without a parent or guardian's written consent if he knows or should have known the person's age. An operator is the person the facility designates to control its operation and help consumers use the device properly. The fine is payable to the local health department or health district where the device is located. The law permits departments and districts to enforce these provisions within their available resources.

This law applies to tanning devices in tanning facilities, which are defined as any place where a device is used for a fee, membership dues, or other compensation. A tanning device is any equipment that emits radiation used for tanning of the skin, such as a sunlamp, tanning booth, or tanning bed that emits ultraviolet radiation, and includes any accompanying equipment, such as timers or handrails. (PA 06-195, § 22; CGS § 19a-232).